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FICOPE, Lda was established in 1987 and now is present both in Portugal inland, Madeira island, Cabo Verde, Angola e Mozambique. The company head office is in the Lisbon area – Paço de Arcos – Oeiras, and the team has a significant experience in large projects assuming project management and supervision roles. The company professional resume is very extensive, and proves the experience in the residential, retail, industrial and office construction area. FICOPE is certified by APCER under the NP EN ISO 9001:2015, and is recognized by the Portuguese National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC) as “Quality Manager” with the highest grade 8 for “Buildings and Monuments” and 7 for “Roads and Works of Urbanization”.

FICOPE core activity is project management and supervision services as well as engineering design. Some of the most relevant jobs are shown in this site.

Project Management and Supervision are nowadays recognized as essential tools to achieve quality, progress and cost control of a development.

Ficope also makes part of the RLB Euro Alliance representing Portugal in a alliance os european companies of project management.


You can download a Brochure / Presentation of FICOPE:


Mission and Values

As a certified company, the full satisfaction of the Client is the main goal of FICOPE, through:


The development of the necessary actions to guarantee the Client satisfaction of its expectations in terms of Quality, Deadline and Price;

Quality Management System

Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, reviewing procedures to ensure the constant improvement of the quality of the services to be provided to the Client

Continuous Presence on the Market

To be present in the market in long term and in a consolidated way.
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